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Best practise - how to look after your lingerie

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Best practise - how to look after your lingerie

Hi there! To help you get us much time and comfort out of your lingerie we have made a little list to answer some frequently asked questions from our lovely customers…

How should I wash my bras-
  • Hand washing cold water is definitely recommended as best practice. Take care to give both the strap areas and the wired area a little more attention as that is the area that sits most heavily on the body. Then rinse out, give it a good squeeze and hang it up in a shady area to air dry. Many find it convenient to wash the bras in the shower. 
What’s wrong with washing my bras in the washing machine?
  • There’s nothing terribly wrong with putting your bras in a washing machine apart from the fact that they just won’t last as long and they may get damaged. If you need to be time efficient, then the washing machine may be a better option for you and just replace your bras more often. Many people these days do have really amazing machines but no matter how good, it’s still the constant movement and the weight of other clothing that can do the damage. But again, do what is best for you. 
  • If you do prefer to wash in the machine, be sure to use a wash bag and up the clips on the bra. For underwire bras, the best bra bag is one with the plastic tubing to prevent impact.  We sell them in store.
  • Fun fact- Up until about 10 years ago, manufactures recommended to hand wash only. Then there seemed to be swing in the direction of putting bras in the machine. You will now find that many companies are again recommending on the washing instructions to hand wash again. We are assuming it has been problematic over time and has cost too much in returns and replacements. Be sure to aways check the washing instructions on the tag if you are wanting to machine wash.
How often should I wash my bras?
  • Because of our Australian climate it is recommended that we wash our bras every second wear. The enemy of Lycra, lace and delicate fabrics is definitely heat and sweat. It eats away at the fibres and they start to lose their stretch and hold. Washing your bras allows the fabrics to bounce back therefore keeping their shape for longer. 
  • Another common problem that our customers have - There is a hardness that forms over time in the elastic and the fabrics on the inside of the bra, mostly in the area of the bottom of the cup, under the arm and back area. If your bras aren’t washed enough, perspiration  and the thousands of dead skin cells that we shed build up and can make the fabrics quite hard, which in turn can lead to being very uncomfortable, rubbing and/or skin rashes.
  • It is recommended that sports bras should be washed after every use
How should I dry my lingerie?
  • Both bras and briefs should be air dried in the shade if possible. Again, heat eats away at delicate fabrics and Lycra.
Can I put my bras in the dryer?
  • Defiantly not recommended, they may get ripped or torn and agin the heat will erode the fabrics
How long should my bras last?
  • There are many variables with in this subject but the general rule is for us at Lady Bird is- If you have 3 or 4 good quality bras that you are rotating and you are using them for their specific intentions, then you should get at least 2 years out of your bras, as long as they are looked after well. 
Why do my wires snap or pop out?
  • There can be a couple of reasons for this- It maybe the washing machine, which is most common. 
  • It may be due to the fit of the bra. If your bra is too small in the cup, the pressure of the bust line constantly pushing on the wire, over time, can snap it at the weakest point. It can also be, if the bra is too big. The constant moving over time may start to push it through the casing.
  • The other reason is the quality. Many mass market products are just pumped out for a price with no care or thought put in to them. Cheaper elastics and bindings throughout the bra makes a huge difference over time. 
If the wire comes out, can I fix it?
  • Generally no, unless you are very handy with a needle and thread. You can, apparently, from what customers have told us, fold a small piece of firmer cotton fabric over the top and then stitch around it. You may get a couple of more months out of it but it does eventually wiggle it’s way out again. You may be able to get use out of it as a weekend bra by puling out the wires completely and using it as a wireless style. It can be a problem though as the frame of a wired bra is completely different from wireless and it may just end up collapsing on itself. We don’t like to recommend it just in case it doesn’t work, but if you can’t wear it anyway, it may be worth trying. It’s something to think about and make your own decision on. 
We hope this helps! Any questions at all, please e-mail us at 


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